Suunto & OiTec

Suunto and OiTec: A Powerful Partnership Driving Excellence in Sports Technology

Suunto, a renowned global leader in the manufacturing of sports watches and dive computers, is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to quality and precision. Known for producing durable products that withstand extreme conditions, Suunto's rigorous testing processes include even military-grade evaluations. This dedication to excellence is supported by a robust partnership with OiTec, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of test automation solutions. Together, they ensure that every Suunto product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. The collaboration between Suunto and OiTec exemplifies the synergy of innovation and technical expertise, driving both companies to the forefront of technological advancement.


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Ensuring excellence in sports watches and dive computers


Suunto, a world leader in the manufacturing of sports watches and dive computers, is known for its uncompromising quality and accuracy. Suunto products are designed to withstand extreme conditions.


"During the product development phase, our products undergo extensive testing, some even against military standards, which includes various chemical baths as well as drop and shock tests," says Johanna Honkanen, Suunto's Production Engineering Lead.


Suunto's production testing developers, and New Product Introduction (NPI) engineers, are responsible for transitioning new products to production and designing the processes, both at Suunto's final assembly in Vantaa and with electronic subcontractors.


The high standards set for products are also reflected in the design and implementation of testing processes. "We want to build our production testing so that every sports watch and dive computer meets the highest requirements," emphasizes Honkanen.


Strong technical expertise key to success


As a result of the collaboration between Suunto and OiTec, test equipment has been produced for various phases of Suunto's production, starting from PCBA level testing to final assembly product testing.


Over the year, Suunto launches several new products, which require individual testing setups.


"OiTec has been able to provide us with the testers we need. They know us and understand our requirements," says Matti Ratilainen, Suunto's Production Test Engineer.


The cooperation between Suunto and OiTec is based on the strong technical expertise, which increases mutual trust. "OiTec has top-notch experts. They are skilled in many areas, and you can ask them anything. We get answers to all technical challenges," Ratilainen says satisfied.


Partners through years of cooperation


OiTec specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic testing solutions, increasingly involving automation and cobot technologies. Customers receive quality assurance testing equipment for items such as PCBs (PCBA), batteries, and various electrical safety devices. In addition, OiTec acts as the importer and trainer for several well-known measuring instrument manufacturers.


"We are not afraid of technical challenges", says Pekka Oinonen, CEO and founder of OiTec Oy.


OiTec has been a reliable partner for Suunto for over a decade. The cooperation has deepened over the years.

"When I founded OiTec in 2013, Suunto was our second client. Over the years, we have developed numerous testing platforms and technologies together," recalls Oinonen.


OiTec has been quick to respond to Suunto's needs, offering them the necessary testing solutions and technological expertise. Suunto has been not only an important client and reference for OiTec but also an excellent opportunity to learn something new.


"Suunto has new and advanced technology, which has allowed us to develop as experts in small-scale electronics testing. Suunto is at the forefront of technology, and it's great to be part of the journey", Oinonen rejoices.

Suunto is for adventurers. Pioneering spirit and curious experimentation have been part of Suunto's DNA since 1936, when Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen began developing a more precise compass and invented a new method for manufacturing liquid-filled compasses.


Today, Suunto is a global leader in sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and related digital services. Suunto's products are durable, and their timeless design reflects everyday Nordic identity.


Suunto's headquarters are in Vantaa, with factories in Vantaa, Finland, and Dongguan, China.

OiTec designs and manufactures test automation solutions. Established in 2013, OiTec is a leading player in its field in the Nordic countries. OiTec serves as a reliable partner throughout the production process, from the early product definition to the final production testing.

In addition to strong test automation expertise, OiTec provides professional consulting, support, and experimental design services to meet the unique needs of its clients. OiTec also acts as an importer, sales representative, and trainer for numerous well-known test and measurement instruments.

OiTec has its headquarters in Kirkkonummi and branches in Oulu, Tampere, and Vaasa.

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